Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Government Provokes Unrest

From almost two months Kashmir has witnessed spate of killings by men in uniform (CRPF and Police). Surging emotions youth come on streets with trigger happy forces turning protests into funeral processions that too dealt with brute force. More than 45 people were killed and hundreds of injured with many battling for life in hospitals.

Life has come to grinding halt with curfews both declared and undeclared, restrictions and strikes. When ever situation turns to have some semblance of ‘normalcy’ troops make it sure to fill the coffins with indiscriminate and unprovoked firing. Latest being in Amargargh Sopore, Pattan and Chanapora, Khrew, Pampore, Srinagar the situation there wasn’t so tense that need to be restrained with bullets only.  

It is not the simple case of troops killing youth to be followed by protests only; there is more than meets the eye. It seems to be the extension of sinister games played by Delhi in Afghanistan. Delhi wants to keep the Kashmir on boil till its settles it score in Afghanistan, the current strategy of America to have Pakistan friendly regime in Afghanistan no way suits India’s designs as she has made deep inroads in many spheres of life there and won’t easily digest packing of bags there.

But Delhi is making sure that the situation in Kashmir doesn’t take the shape of lakhs coming on streets, it wants only unrest should prevail where people should turn desperate to return to their routine work. In this process if not all but some sections of Hurriyat calling protest programmes without any sound strategy and immediate cause and demand are intentionally or unintentionally playing in the Indian hands.

Even the statement of Syed Salahuddin (U.J.C Chief) calling pro-freedom leadership to give direction to the people’s anger was taken with contempt, here every one reserves his/her right to ask him why it took him 40 days to come with such a statement when Kashmir had plunged into deep chaos.

Indian time buying tactics to keep Kashmir issue lingering is not new but by provoking unrest in Kashmir if they believe they will gain something in long run they are totally mistaken, this time they are dealing with die-hard youth who have great courage, determination and are steadfast in their resolve than present traditional leaders. A new revolution is in horizon which will threw new and young leadership which will have vision and steely resolve to carry on the sacred cause forward towards its logical conclusion.


kuldeep singh chauhan said...

This is laughable at best, India is much matured than this amatuer even foolish way of conducting foriegn policy. Please do not see conspiracies everywhere, pakistan is the troublemaker.