Friday, August 6, 2010

Dubious Statement

This refers to the press conference of Hurriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani in which he termed that stone pelting and other form of violence is not the part of our movement. Burning railway stations, schools and other public property can’t be justified. His whole talk in press conference is genuine and no body can deny it. But he seems to suffer from selective amnesia; recently he called stone pelting as weapon of oppressed and weapon of resistance when few persons came against stone pelting. If stone pelting is not part of movement then out of 45 killed more than 40 were killed during stone pelting then who they were?
Why his Hurriyat was glorifying and paying tributes to these youth if they were out of movement. Now were are his aides who were issuing statements calling youth to launch Intifada. Why it is only after 55 days he issues instructions of calm, why not at first place that would have saved many precious lives. Why it is only after situation turns drastic and in shape of rebellion he plays pacifist. People are not fools that they won’t understand in between the lines. Clearly he seems to get overtaken by Indian advisers who met him in detention. 


kuldeep singh chauhan said...

He is clearly a pakistani stooge and a opportune politician nothing else.