Monday, August 2, 2010

Correct Portrayal

This refers to the Inside Out of July 3rd and 5th by Malik Sajad on G.K where in he has brilliantly portrayed the confusion and chaos in which pro-freedom leadership finds itself. Despite having the same constitution, same goal, same agenda and same cause of right of self determination for the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir they feel comfortable in getting themselves introduced separately.  This division and disseverance has only compounded the destiny and the sacred goal of millions of Kashmiris striving to achieve their birth right.

Even at this crucial juncture they feel no need in steering the ship out of troubled waters jointly and continue to bask under the (mis) glory of suffixes attached to the same name which they claim to represent. Their programs at this point of time clearly reflect the lack of proper ground work with people left without any direction and guidance and at the mercy of their own, they are digging their own grave due to their flawed strategy.

People’s movement can’t be sustained only through issuing statements only; it needs lot of understanding and a huge task to involve every section of society. It doesn’t mean reaction only it needs imagination as well. Besides sacred and big concept of freedom issues of peoples concern need to be taken for its survival, people’s involvement and success.

It is high time for Pro-freedom leadership to shun their ego and formulate joint strategy to save the future of Kashmir from getting annihilated if they are really serious to pull Kashmir back from chaos, quandary and quagmire unless time will turn them irrelevant if they refuse to shun their differences for larger interests of people of Kashmir.