Monday, June 28, 2010

Immature comments by Dr Tej Munshi

Dr Tej Munish's Letter 

Published in Greater Kashmir

By Shah Waseem
This refers the letter “Let's save our children from becoming a canon fodder” by Dr. Tej Munshi published in G.K. With all due respect and regards to him, it seems he has very poor knowledge of resistance and rights movement in Kashmir. Kashmiris are not fighting on the basis of separate culture and language, though it has recorded rich history of more than 5000 years old and the resistance is more than four centuries old.

Kashmir dispute is a nuclear flash point of whose domino effect can engulf even peaceful areas of India and destabilize peace and stability of entire South Asian region, already its resolution has been termed must and road for peace in Afghanistan. The comment of Dr. Munshi that “None seems to be interested in the Kashmir issue” seems amateurish. Dr. Sahib should turn the pages of history and peep into it carefully and he will get the answer that Kashmir dispute has been lingering due Indian obduracy and intransigence.

Kashmir is not a case of secession from India as Dr. Sahib believes it is an internationally recognized disputed territory and it is India who promised Kashmiris right to self determination before whole world. Even the ‘instrument of accession’ which India says Maharaja of Kashmir signed is temporary subjected to ratification or rejection by the reference to the will of people.

Of his opinion that “at no spot on this globe could violence win” he should bother his head to have look at that it is India and India alone which facilitated commotion and pell-mell in Kashmir by installing stooges through sham elections, by reneging on the pledge of plebiscite, and by managing the strangulation of economy of Kashmir by neocolonialist mode of administration.

It is ironical and classic example of hypocrisy that ‘followers of Gandhi’ term even peaceful protests by a besieged and oppressed population as “agitational terrorism” deserving nothing but bullets, bayonets and tear gas canisters that too directly on their heads. Dr. Sahib you should seek the answers of violence from Delhi establishment not from a vituperated Kashmiri nation.