Thursday, May 20, 2010

India’s preoccupation with Kasab

Published in Rising Kashmir 
India’s preoccupation with Kasab
Waseem Shah
“Ajmal Kasab gets what he gave: Death” reads the headline of one of the India’s leading daily. The lone “assailant” of Mumbai attacks was handed out death sentence on four counts and life term on five counts by Special Court judge M.L Tahiliyani, who said “Death penalty must be imposed there is no other option”. Mumbai attacks were shocking and heinous in which more than 150 innocent people got killed. No body with his senses intact will condone this horrible incident and no cause what so ever can be justified in which innocent people loose their lives.
But the way Indian media portrayed the verdict of awarding death sentence to Kasab showing extra mile of energy in body language, people bursting crackers, from bigwigs to tea vendors jumping in joy, political parties from all hues and cries welcoming death sentence as if India has got rid of some big monster makes it look like an act in vengeance rather than what they say getting justice. Even some went to an extent of asserting that his (Kasab’s) “arms and legs be chopped off”.
I fail to understand what will be reaction of same people jubilant over this death sentence if suppose Pakistan announces the similar kind of judgment to Sarabjit Singh, an Indian citizen alleged to be a spy convicted for his involvement in 1990 serial bomb blasts in Lahore and Multan. Demanding his release and pronouncing Kasab’s death sentence a clear message to Pakistan smacks dichotomy on the part of Indian body politic, you can’t have cake and eat it too there can’t be contradicting rules for the same game.
Those who have got swayed by the verdict on Mumbai attacks “lone surviving culprit” fail to realize and think over the many important questions as of how the attackers easily managed to cross sea barrier and enter with such heavy amount of arms and ammunition. What about the Killing of Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief) who died due to the bullets which hit his chest when he was wearing a bullet proof jacket.
Hemant Karkare and his colleagues who were killed during Mumbai attacks had unveiled the brutal truth of India’s home grown saffron terror activities, how many of them were convicted for carrying deadly blasts in different parts of India in which innocent people were killed. So much of time has went since Gujarat riots despite clear and ample evidences available of who the culprits and perpetrators are how many of them were awarded death sentences for killing, massacring and mutilating thousands of people.
There is another version relating to Ajmal Kasab that he was arrested in Katmandu in 2006 by Indian agencies with the help of Nepalese forces. This version is that Nepalese forces arrested almost 200 people including Kasab before 2006 and his application in this regard was lying pending in the Nepalese Supreme Court in which Nepalese forces and Indian High Commission were made respondents. Whether this is true or not but the fact is that Kasab was just tool at the hands of those who were behind all this episode, by hanging him nothing will change.
The motives of the extremists and those with vested interests need to be hanged and defeated and it can’t be done by using rhetoric meant for containment of local populace. For that India needs to move beyond its closed mindset and reciprocate and show the willingness and commitment towards talks the way Pakistan is showing. The guarded reaction shown by Pakistan towards the death sentence of Kasab shows their commitment towards talks with India which unfortunately is lacking from Indian side as any incident leads to knee jerk reaction which derails entire process.
The recent meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan at thimpu in which they decided to carry forward talks is a welcome step and should be carried forward without letting any incident having its ramifications on it. But India needs to understand that the best way to eradicate the menace of violence backed by vested interest who want carry on their mill at the cost of peace and tranquility in the region is to defeat them by showing will and courage to address the core issue of Kashmir, of course keeping in view the national interests of Kashmiris for which the pro-freedom leadership needs to rise and divest of the self defeating mode and exert like true protagonists of the cause dearer to each and every Kashmiri.


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