Monday, March 22, 2010

Biased to the core

Published in Daily Pakistan Observer

Biased to the core
By Shah Waseem

The dichotomy, biasedness, partisanship has creped in entire Indian body politic, almost in every important institution of India with media being no exception to it. Neutrality and unbiased approach is the symbol and true spirit of journalism, but Indian media has always tried to be loyal and innocuous enough to bury the ethics of media under the debris of so called national interest in Kashmir. It is this which makes them to cover their cameras with their eyes too when Kashmiris are victimized, vituperated and writhing in pain, inflicted by so called custodians of law. But their adrenalin runs high when it comes to counter the often repeated “separatist campaign supported from across” which makes them vocal and articulate in their mad and senseless sensationalism good enough to bring two nuclear armed neighbors to the brink of war.

Indian media does ‘great and yeomen’ service to their nation by projecting victim as guilty and guilty as innocent. The cries of Shopian and Kunanposhpora not strong enough to break the belligerent glasses of their ‘national interests’ and clear their jaundiced vision, they puff chests in pride while twisting facts in Kashmir. Indian media today is in whirlpool of duplicity and double standards. Where every thing goes in line with the power corridors of New Delhi and objectiveness and balanced reporting is shown the exit door.

About politics and their Kashmir policy it is for every one to see, it is here where justice, human rights, democracy and all universal values are vomited out before crossing over to Jawahar Tunnel. A classical example of hypocrisy where Gandhian principles are talked about but even peaceful protests by a besieged and oppressed population is labeled as “agitational terrorism” deserving nothing but bullets and tear gas canisters that too directly on their chests and heads to make way for ‘complete national integration’. Where young ones are taken as enemy agents and imprecations on national security. Where resources are plundered and pennies are offered back to an ‘undeserving’ lot. Where Kashmiris have exclusive rights on Indian Bullets but all this appears blur in front of ‘glamour’ of Indian media.