Friday, March 13, 2009

Yes what else they can do?

This refers to the statement of State’s Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather that “Government would probe a probe into the incident (killing of a youth at Nowhatta). What else we can do?” This shows the helplessness of this State Assembly in protecting the rights and safeguarding of life and property of people. Right from 1988 countless probes have been ordered which haven’t bore any fruit and neither any conclusion has been drawn from these probes. And if culprits have been identified in some cases the state is not competent enough in bringing perpetuators of these heinous crimes to book. The cold blood Murder of two innocent youth at Bomai Sopur is still fresh and now the gruesome killing of a youth at Nowhatta and brutal crushing of another youth under a forces vehicle, who is battling for life in a hospital, has added to the anger. This can have dangerous ramifications if the situation continues to remain grim and government continues to order probes just to hoodwink and divert public attention, rather than taking these issues seriously and repeal the draconian AFSPA, which empowers unbridled powers to the Security forces, which it has promised unless its own credibility will be under stake and will be dented.

Every sane person strongly condemns these inhuman acts and even “mainstream” leaders and government itself has condemned these acts equally on the floor of Assembly, then if such things still continue to occur it naturally gives impression that things are out of control of the government. And those who matter actually are pulling the strings behind curtains. If C.M being head of Unified Command Council has issued strict orders to the forces to respect human rights then one fails to understand why such kind of happenings continue to occur with such pace.

People of Jammu & Kashmir want the withdrawal of Security Forces from the civilian areas on the priority bases, rest can be gradual, and the repealing of the draconian laws which are the root cause of human rights violation. If the government continues to ignore these genuine demands of people then situation can take an ugly shape. The probes ordered by government won’t serve any purpose as till now nothing has come out of these processes and if something has happened to these probes is that these files continue to gather dust in government offices and nothing else.


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