Thursday, January 15, 2009

World Consciousness on Trial

Zionists have turned Palestine again into a killing ground. Flexing their military might on innocent people, displaying every muscle of lethal weapons which she possess, unchecked, on unarmed people, showering bombs, bullets, rockets and other unethical weaponry generously on children, woman, young and old alike, bombarding Schools, hospitals and other buildings turning them into rubble, choking essential commodities and life saving drugs at her ‘sweet’ will. Using every possible way to hammer Palestinians. And world sees this all with great ‘calm’ and composure’ and the ‘sole super power’ derives sadistic pleasure from the cries of people of Palestine and nips any effort to check the hooliganism by this rogue state by using veto power.

Equally condemnable role is of Arab countries they are watching this like mute spectators and have no moral courage to stop the havoc wreaked and hell unleashed by Israel, such a small country having few million population covered by Arab States. Despite having wealth and abundant natural resources they are weak militarily. Together they were handed defeat by Israel in just six days in late 1960’s. One wonders what they are doing, many of them doesn’t have even regular forces not to speak of latest and modern naval, aerial and ground forces. They have got consumed in the luxurious life styles. U.N.O, O.I.C, Arab League and other world bodies haven’t moved beyond their ritualistic statements. The win of Hamas in popular elections in a democratic way has not gone well with the ‘champions of democracy’ as they see it as their end of monopoly and hegemony. They only want their brand of democracy, where in their puppets are in power, to flourish as it suits their vested interests. They have achieved success in this endeavor as almost in every Muslim nation except few their stooges are in chair, who take every step to please their mentors latest being statement of President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak when he impressed upon E.U that Hamas shouldn’t win the war in any case, and on his directions border with Palestine has already been closed so that Palestinians find no escape route.

There have been protests by people across the world including in Kashmir against the savagery of Israel and rightly so but people of Kashmir fail to understand why no such similar protest for them anywhere, why no strike in any part of world (not even in any Muslim nations) to show solidarity with the suffering masses of Kashmir which we are used to do. Kashmir is highest militarily occupied zone in terms of population ratio where in innumerable massacres, killings of civilian’s at large scale, human rights violation backed by draconian laws mocking rights conventions are regular ‘features’ but still conscious of world has not woken up. Kashmir being declared as an internationally recognized disputed territory having 18 resolutions pending before Security Council is not getting attention of international community to play constructive role in mitigating the pain and suffering of its people. Despite the seminars and international conferences by Kashmiri diaspora around the globe, which should be hailed, but no country is openly coming forward in support of Kashmiris right to self determination. During the recent agitation against land transfer and against economic blockade it did find some mention in international news channels and dailies but unlike any other international conflict regions doesn’t get place for in-depth coverage and analysis. Even U.N Secretary General Ban Ki Moon didn’t uttered a single word about Kashmir in his priorities for this year. The reasons on which, we all have to ponder on. May be the confusing and conflicting signals going across about what actually Kashmiris demand although people have time and time again showed that they are for complete independence as only way out. It is only the pleaders and those who claim to profess this ideology failed to deliver and put it on right track.

Pro-freedom leadership has to extricate themselves from the self made cocoons of egocentricity and leave the beaten tracks and adopt objectivity, selflessness, courage and devotion to push the cause of independence with full conviction. We can’t pin hopes on those who have paid only lip service in our support they know only to throw some ‘oil dollars’ and think they are doing their job. They pass resolutions in support of our right to self determination, actually on paper only, and on other side show keenness to strength ties with India, their materialistic things are paramount to them than our blood. It is only after we follow the course of complete independence of Kashmir to press India and Pakistan to come clean on Kashmir dispute, which will benefit them as well, that a final synthesis of peace can be found in entire sub continent.


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