Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kashmir is a powder keg.

Following text has been read in conference held at Birmingham London on 4th October 2008 in connection with Azad Kashmir Republic day. The day on which first free Kashmir government was formed.

Kashmir is a powder keg, nuclear flash point in south Asia. This dispute has consumed more than 5 lakh lives only from 1947. Kashmir which is having 5000 year old history was an independent country till it lost it’s sovereignty at the hands of Mughals on 1585 A.D. There after Mughals came Afghans then Sikhs then Dogras. Kashmiri peoples struggle for emancipation of their rights became full fledged and organized movement after the massacre of 23 Kashmiris by the brutal Dogra Army. The real trouble began when on June 4, 1947 Lord Mountbatten brought plan for partition of India called Indian Partition act 1947. According to this act area comprising of Muslim majority will constitute a new country Pakistan and rest areas having non-Muslim majority will remain as India. But this act was applicable only for British India not for princely states which were near about 564 and were under indirect control of British. These 564 states were given choice either to choose to remain Independent or join any one of the two dominions in keeping two things under consideration first, majority of subjects whether Muslim or non-Muslim and second continuity of their states borders. As for as Kashmir is concerned it was a princely state and was having 85% Muslims and its border has continuity more with Pakistan than with India so there were only two options before Maharaja of Kashmir either he should have declared Independence or announced to accession with Pakistan. But Maharaja under a well knotted conspiracy removed R.C.Kak (then prime minister of Kashmir) and appointed Mehr chend for this slot who was a Hindu from Punjab and also a nominee of congress, bcoz the former one held meetings with the Pakistani leadership as well regarding the future of Kashmir and was known as man of integrity. Later maharaja also removed Muslim servicemen from his police and army removing any iota of doubts what he was planning to do. Maharaja was facing revolt in Poonch against imposing high taxes and this became a popular uprising against his ill motivated plan and he almost lost writ on Kashmir. Later on 4th October Khawaja Ghulam Nabi Gilkar formed first free Government of Kashmir. During these days and mostly during November 4th, 5th, and 6th 3 lakh Muslims were butchered by Dogra army with the active help of Rss and other chauvinist communal forces in Jammu which had already spread in many parts of Jammu. About 5 lakh Muslims had to flee leaving their every thing behind. This all was done so that atleast Jammu should remain with India if plebiscite will be held on the regional basis. There after the ceasefire between India and Pakistan this dispute went to UN which passed resolutions and rest is history.

Since then movement for right to self determination is going on through many phases and in this connection we have formed a group in srinagar under the banner of All Jammu and Kashmir Tehreeki Azadi consisting of youth with passion and burning desire to see this dispute get solved once and for all and we stood by complete Independence of Kashmir. we are acting as a young think tank and work in volatile and hard conditions in this disputed region and have understanding with Kashmir Workers Association (UK) which is at initial stage and hopefully will grow in to an powerful alliance because we both are trying to follow the vision and mission and path laid down By Shaheed Maqbool Bhat (A.R) and we will like to have alliance with all other like minded resistance forces in this regard We express our gratitude and solidarity with Kashmir Workers Association (UK) which are working on an important front of our Struggle i.e. diplomatic front and we will Insha-Allah work with them for the emancipation of our cherished dream of Independence.

Notwithstanding the sanctity of the UN resolutions regarding Kashmir the two major parties to the conflict, India and Pakistan, do not appear to be in a mood to honor these resolutions; and this is happening at the cost of solace and tranquility of besieged and beleaguered Kashmiris. Further dereliction on Kashmir front will be tantamount to inviting more trouble in Kashmir in particular and the subcontinent in general. In the backdrop of the growing trend of violence and anarchy all over the globe- with special reference to Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Assam- it is not advisable to perpetuate the state of uncertainty in Kashmir because the western powers have already declared that Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint and a fuse in the tinder- box of Asia. Kashmiris are by nature peace loving. Unfortunately India and Pakistan while adhering to their ego-centric stand and stance vis-à-vis Kashmir are literally pushing this heroic and struggling nation to the wall. Three generations have already struggled hard for achieving their right to self determination. Indian intransigence and obduracy is a major hurdle in the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. How far is it expedient for the two responsible democracies of south Asia, India and Pakistan to victimize Kashmiris without any respite and reprieve? The younger generation which was forced to resort to violence in early nineties has come of age now and is seriously thinking about a political peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue.

Indian policy of gaining time so as to consolidate its position in Kashmir has made situation worse where the future of whole south Asia hinges on the prospect of Kashmir dispute. People of Kashmir have once again shown that they wont rest until they are given their birth right i.e. unfettered right of self determination. The use of brute force by Indian security forces on the people here won’t cow-down Kashmiris. People of Kashmir would never allow the nefarious and evil plan of saffron brigade to ‘nationalize’ the entire route leading to Amaranth cave and carving out separate Hindu enclaves to succeed and will scuttle their vicious game plan as people here are very sensitive with regarding to land. The agitation of Jammu has made it abundantly clear that Kashmir valley, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri, Gool-gulabgarh and Pak administered Kashmir are real sufferers and hence these areas constitute war affected areas. While rest of areas can afford to wait but the people of war affected areas won’t accept status quo.

It is understood that ultimately this dispute has to be solved through tripartite talks and on negotiation table neither India can take away whole Kashmir nor Pakistan can take it away. And Kashmiris won’t accept any solution reached only between these two which negates their aspirations. So best solution is that both countries cease claim on their respective parts of Kashmir and allow it to get united and emerge as an Independent nation.

On other side of Kashmir situation is not as green as appears to be. To take part in elections one should have affidavit, taking oath of allegiance for Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan, which belies Pakistan’s claim of unconditional support for Kashmir cause. The people of this side of Kashmir particularly youth are more interested in doing business overseas rather than in liberation movement and its leadership has paid only lip service and done almost nothing practical Rather than those sycophants who talk of interim solution and advice to forget permanent solution as according to them independence is not possible even after 100 years, true freedom fighters and revolutionaries should form government there. Who will channelise resources for liberation movement and highlight it in its right perspective besides this will justify its name as ‘base camp’. If Pakistan says P.A.K as ‘Azad Kashmir’ then it should accept it as ‘Azad’ as well which compel India to come clean on Kashmir issue. If movement is of ours then its remote control should also be in our hands as it is we who have to do what is to be done.

The total area of Jammu Kashmir is about 84000 sq miles which is more than individual 93 independent countries and has population more than that of 125 independent countries of the world. We have so much of economic potential if used in better way we will be even able to give aid to other countries. Kashmir has tremendous water resource by which we will be able to generate hydro-electricity on large scale which can be exported to our neighboring countries, alone through this we can become rich state. Kashmir is world famous tourist spot with fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty which can attract thousands of elite tourists who can spend thousands and lakhs and we will be able to earn billions of foreign exchange. Natural herbs are found in abundance in Kashmir and we can use them to make hundreds of medicines and it can prove big source of income. There is tons of waste wood in the forests of Kashmir which is not used and their quantity is increasing, this can be tapped and taken out to make paper for printing and for other uses we can setup hundreds of paper factories here. Fruit, timber, minerals and handicrafts of Kashmir are famous all over the world and can prove big asset for our economy. There are thousands of doctors, engineers and other professionals on both sides of C.F.L working in different countries and earning tens of billions in foreign exchange. Within short period of time we will be great economic powerful country than rest of our neighbors.
People of Kashmir have shown in different international polls that overwhelming majority is with Independent Kashmir. And to the satisfaction of India and Pakistan we say let Kashmiris decide themselves their fate whether they want to remain Independent or accede to India or with Pakistan. It can act as buffer state between India and Pakistan only if better sense prevails over both countries. I will conclude by the saying of Maqbool Bhat Shaheed (R.A) “meray watan key ufaq par Azadi ka suraj toulo ho kar rahega”.

At last I once again on the behalf of my party express my sincere thanks and solidarity with Kashmir Workers Association (UK) for providing me this unique opportunity to present my views before this august audience.
Thnx to all of you for listening me.