Sunday, September 21, 2008

Right to life should be allowed to be derationed.

This is reference to the letter written by Azam Inqilabi Sahib to U.S President George.W.bush. After the disintegration of erstwhile Soviet Union world became unipolar from bipolar with balance of power shifting towards America and its allies. It is now capitalists led bureaucrats of America and its allies who are hell bent upon imposing their New World Order (might is right), thus disturbing the peace and tranquility of the entire globe.
The double standards adopted by America and its expansionist policy are pushing Muslim nations in particular and entire Asian region in general to wall. Fuelling Iran-Iraq war to the benefit of their own, invasion of Afghanistan to eradicate the “terrorists who are threat to global peace”, which were accorded red carpet reception by her and aided to fight against Russian occupation (actually to safeguard their own interests) and later discarded and disowned, attacking Iraq in the name of democracy, human rights and weapons of mass destruction. If that was the real purpose of invasion what about installing puppets there? Whole world is witness to the carpet bombing of US in Iraq and the dreaded and obscene events of Abu-ghariab jail. What about Israel? Who possess the lethal weapons and has violated U.N resolutions more than 2000 times. You spare no time in defending Israel from the censure in United Nations.

It is the Muslim nations around which they have tightened the noose and have formed formal or informal alliance to subjugate them for e.g. American in Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel in Palestine, Russians in Chechnya and India in Kashmir. The discriminatory attitude towards Muslim nations is bound to boomerang with more power and opposite reaction. More the unjust policies of America will increase more will increase the constituencies of hawks and the man-made barriers will have then no relevance for them. America who has its military bases in many countries and their installations can be vulnerable to the attacks of ultras brewing with anger to bleed its interests through any out-let. By using force and suppression US is spreading hatred in Muslims for her and thus preparing future Bin Ladens and Mullah Omars.
It is the opportune time for US to shun its hypocrisy so as to command respect as real global leader and use its influence to diffuse the conflicts around the world in an amicable way to root out hatred, violence, mayhem and destruction so that peace prevails every where and right to life is de-rationed.
According to a US report Indian intelligence wing RAW is creating trouble for NATO troops by covertly supporting and aiding terrorists in Afghanistan. India wants that the uncertainty in Afghanistan should continue as it serves its interests because it has made this region a launching pad to fuel unrest in Pakistan so as to destabilize it. But India should remember that Afghans have history of never succumbing before any foreign occupation and they will never forgive India for its role in making matters worse for them. Sometimes smaller nations taught bitter lessons to the power toxicated and hegemonic forces as was in the case of Vietnam.
Indian policy of gaining time so as to consolidate its position in Kashmir has made situation worse where the future of whole south Asia hinges on the prospect of Kashmir dispute. People of Kashmir have once again shown that they wont rest until they are given their birth right i.e. unfettered right of self determination. The use of brute force by Indian security forces on the people here won’t cow-down Kashmiris. People of Kashmir would never allow the nefarious and evil plan of saffron brigade to ‘nationalize’ the entire route leading to Amaranth cave and carving out separate Hindu enclaves to succeed and will scuttle their vicious game plan as people here are very sensitive with regarding to land. The agitation of Jammu has made it abundantly clear that Kashmir valley, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri, Gool-gulabgarh and Pak administered Kashmir are real sufferers and hence these areas constitute war affected areas. While rest of areas can afford to wait but the people of war affected areas won’t accept status quo.
Very recently when Tibetans were protesting US offered their sympathies with them but when Kashmiris were and are protesting the silence of US is hypocritical. Up to mid 60’s and in early 90’s U.S was very much supportive of Kashmiris movement (as it suited their national interest then) with many of it’s senior officials like John Mallot, Prof. William Wayne Baker and many others openly criticizing Indian policy over Kashmir. But as demanded by its national interests and to counter china it turned blind eye towards plight of Kashmiris and mostly so after 9/11. The Indo-US nuclear agreement, visit of Maj.Gen. Avi Mizrahi (chief of Israeli ground forces) to Kashmir to access the situation here to help Indian security forces in counter insurgency operations and the offer of US in April this year to help India in fighting against militants in JK, All these offers has many Security threats for India also as it will shift balance of power in South Asia therefore there is ever apprehension that level of violence will increase. America with its military bases across the world and its troop’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan wants complete control of affairs in South Asia. In case of US and Israeli help to India, Kashmir will find more space and sympathy in Muslim world; this help will provoke Muslim warriors across world to fight in Kashmir for martyrdom. Kashmiri fighters with limited agenda of liberation of their motherland have restricted their fight with India within J&K but there is no guarantee that warriors with international agenda will do so, they may take their struggle in every nook and corner of India which is already facing trouble in more than 16 states, this may lead to disintegration of India. So this is high time for India to understand multiple dimensions of Kashmir dispute.
India is trying hard to equate our struggle with that of Al-Qaeda to garner support of west but our struggle is a national liberation movement poles apart from Al-Qaeda aimed to achieve complete independence and reunification of our forcibly divided parts of Kashmir. There are about 18 resolutions on Kashmir pending before Security Council in U.N to which both India and Pakistan are signatories and world witness to them. India and America who both were under English rule should understand that national movement’s takes natural course and end only after their logical conclusion. Let policy of ‘live and let live’ prevails. Justice as they say is supposedly blind. It will not be muted and we will not be silenced.