Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uncle Sam's Hypocricy On Kashmir

This refers to the news “US offers India help to fight militants in JK”. This speaks about doublespeak which has become hallmark of the U.S. on one side they offer their sympathies with Tibetans and on other side they brutally suppress people in Iraq and Afghanistan, Urges U.N to slam economic sanctions on Iran while supports Israel in their every wrong doing which has violated U.N resolutions more than 2000 times, shows concern towards human rights violation perpetuated by Indian troops in Kashmir and shamelessly offers India help in quelling our genuine freedom struggle.
Up to mid 60’s and in early 90’s U.S was very much supportive of kashmiris movement (as it suited their national interest then) with many of it’s senior officials like John Mallot, Prof. William Wayne Baker and many others openly criticizing Indian policy over Kashmir. But as demanded by its national interests and to counter china it turned blind eye towards plight of kashmiris and mostly so after 9/11. This offer of US to India has many Security threats for India also as it will shift balance of power in South Asia therefore there is ever apprehension that level of violence will increase. America with its military bases across the world and its troop’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan wants complete control of affairs in South Asia. In case of US help to India, Kashmir will find more space and sympathy in Muslim world; this help will provoke Muslim warriors across world to fight in Kashmir for martyrdom. Kashmiri fighters with limited agenda of liberation of their motherland have restricted their fight with India within J&K but there is no guarantee that warriors with international agenda will do so, they may take their struggle in every nook and corner of India which is already facing trouble in more than 16 states, this may lead to disintegration of India. So this is high time for India to understand multiple dimensions of Kashmir dispute.
India is trying hard to equate our struggle with that of Al-Qaeda to garner support of west but our struggle is a national liberation movement poles apart from al-qaeda aimed to achieve complete independence and reunification of our forcibly divided parts of Kashmir. There are about 18 resolutions on Kashmir pending before Security Council in U.N to which both India and Pakistan are signatory and world witness. India and America who both were under English rule should understand that national movement’s takes natural course and end only after their logical conclusion. Justice as they say is supposedly blind. It will not be muted and we will not be silenced.


waseem yousuf shah said...

this is good piece

Fatima said...

If we are united, then nothing can do.
Inshallah we won, and live with Pakistan.
My Pakistani frnds with me. Then nothing leave Kashmiri peoples.

May Allah help our fighters.