Sunday, June 8, 2008

Appeasing India.

This refers to the release of Kashmir singh, an Indian spy held in Pakistan for spying and other anti Pakistan activities by Pakistani authorities. But in return India handed over dead body of Khalid mehmood, who went to India in 2005 to watch a cricket match. It is ironical that Pakistan high commission in New Delhi preferred to remain silent on the killing of it’s national till release of Kashmir singh so as to make his release easy and without any hiccups as alleged by his relatives just to appease India.
Taking an overview of present Pakistan’s setups policies, which are being formulated to keep America and it’s allies in good humour have made Pakistan a virtual hell for it’s people, has emboldened India which is evident from it’s double standards as on one side it wants it’s spies back and it’s protest on handing death warrant to Sarbjit singh, another Indian spy involved in number of bomb blasts in Pakistan, and on another side she has made death sentence to Afzal Guroo, who has been pleading innocent and denied fair trial, a matter of national pride. Kashmiri people shouldn’t get surprised on pakistans silence on Afzal guroo’s death sentence as Pakistan then also kept mum when India hanged legendry Maqbool Bhat

Kashmiri people are not politically na├»ve so as not to understand that 4 point formula of pak prez is nothing but and Indian view point whose real aim is to make C.F.L international border thus dividing our motherland into two parts permanently. Also the statement of Asif Zardari that “we should sideline Kashmir issue for better trade relations” is indication that what we have to do is to do by us on our own. Now it is the time for true Kashmiri patriots and revolutionaries to stand up and take the scene for launching of peaceful political resistance movement on both sides of C.F.L for the emancipation of long cherished dream of complete independence of Kashmir.